Diploma from the École Biblique et Archéologique Française of Jerusalem

Requirements: The student is required to reside at the Ecole for two years; attending the topography course for one year; deepening the languages ​​if necessary; One needs to follow 4 optional courses per year and write two dissertations.

Once the dissertation has been accepted by the Academic Council of the Ecole, the student receives the title graduated from the École Biblique et Archéologique Française.

(After one year: the title of Student of the École Biblique)

Preparation for the Examination for License in Sacred Scripture at the Pontifical Biblical Commission

License in Sacred Scripture enables one to teach the Old and New Testament in Catholic seminaries or faculties. The École Biblique facilitates the candidate to prepare intensely for the examination before the Pontifical Biblical Commission thanks to a specialized library and the tutorials offered by its teacher-researchers.

Doctorate in Sacred Scripture

For more than a century, the Holy See has promoted a specialized diploma dedicated to the study of Scripture. The Second Vatican Council’s new emphasis on the Word of God further underlines the need for such a study within the Church. Obtaining a doctorate in Sacred Scripture responds concretely to this need and helps to anchor Catholic theology in the heart of Revelation. The license in Sacred Scripture is required.