The Lagrange Lectures: a New Initiative at the Ecole

One of the newest initiatives at the École biblique is the launching of a series of high profile annual lectures. The project is conceived with one principal goal in mind: to begin interacting more energetically with a new scholarly public. […]

3 Students Revist Their Semester in Jerusalem

Doctoral students writing theses or at the end of their studies in biblical theology and exegesis, Nathalie, Fr. Stéphane and Fr. Martin lived and studied at the École Biblique from October 2016 to the end of January 2017. Residents of […]

Exegesis: The Servant and the Servants in Isaiah 40-66

The Prof. Dr. Ulrich Berges, from the Bonn Universität, was student at the École biblique during the years 1980’s. He came back last week to hold a conference about the Servant’s songs in Deutero- and Trito-Isaiah. Fr. Dominic Mendonca, OP. […]

Marc Girard: The biblical symbols resonate in both Testaments

Fr. Marc Girard, a priest of the Diocese of Chicoutimi in Canada, is a Visiting Professor at the École Biblique and an Associate Researcher for the research program The Bible in Its Traditions. A doctor of theology and exegete, he was […]